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Using the Geoportal: list of items in FAQs

This page describes the main features of the E3 Geoportal. For further detailed information, please refer to the user guide above.
The platform is optimized for Internet Explorer 10 with Google earth plugin available at: ECDC does not guarantee any support for the use of other web-browsers even if those were successfully used during user test phase. 

USER REGISTRATION : Create and ECDC Public account and Sign-in to the E3 Geoportal


To benefit from the full range of possibilities that the E3 Geoportal offers, we recommend users to sign in to the E3 Geoportal. To do so, an ECDC account is first required. If you already have an ECDC internal account, proceed directly to step 2.2 (Sign in as ECDC personnel).

STEP 1: Sign up to the E3 Geoportal for new users/external users

To sign up, you have to create an ECDC account to access the E3 Geoportal. External users should create an ECDC public account by clicking on the link " Create an ECDC account" on the homepage and following the steps.


Once the public account is created, you will receive an auto reply email with the activation details. The external user should tick the box of application he would like to access. Then, you will be able to sign in to the E3 Geoportal as described below (step 2).

    STEP 2: Sign in to the E3 Geoportal

     2.1 Sign in with an ECDC Public account from the E3 Geoportal Home Page:

Users can “Sign In” clicking on the ‘Sign In’ button at the upper right corner:


Then select “External user” from the drop-down menu,

And enter credentials ; Username: I.e., if your name is Joe Bloggs, the username will be entered as “jbloggs” and Password: the password that you had set when creating your ECDC public account.

     2.2 Sign in as ECDC personnel:

ECDC personnel should click the “Sign In” link at the right up corner and select ECDC internal user in the drop down menu, then sign-in using his usual ECDC account credential.




Once signed-in, the following the link in the home page is now functional: "Request access to E3 data repository as an E3 User".

Follow this link to complete and submit the E3 registration form to the E3 service administrator. Your registration details will be sent to him by email within one working week by the administrator. You will then be able to access the data and functionalities of the E3 Geoportal.




Once signed-in as E3 User, the following the link in the home page is now functional: "Request to become an ECDC E3 partner".

The E3 user can contribute to the repository by sending in a proposal using the link Request to become an ECDC E3 partner. The user would be able to submit to the E3 administrator compliant [metadata] or [metadata and its associated spatial resource(s) in zipped format] in order to be published in the Geoportal in accordance with its redistribution policies defined by the contributor (see for more information how to create metadata the below section: DATA/METADATA UPLOAD AND PUBLISHING).





Keyword Search. Use the free text box to type in a keyword of the subject or topic of search. If this text is found in the metadata abstract, the search query will return the results in a list at the bottom of the page.

Extended Search. The following filters can be user to perform an extended search by:

- content type in selecting the different types of resources available in the Geoportal (map files, map services, documents, tools, etc.);

- date that applies to the date of creation of the resource;

- data classification corresponding to  GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus GEMET- INSPIRE themes (the INSPIRE Spatial data themes), E3 Keywords (keywords formulated by the E3 Network Project) or Data Category (ISO standards for data classification);

- geographic location using name or geographic extent. You can specify a place name in the free text box, or draw a bounding box to define an area of interest within the coverage map.

The sort option will display the returned list in order of preference.

Browse Tree Catalogue. The browse tree follows a data classification structures that allows the user to drill down and find the resources in a particular subject or topic area. It uses data classification standards from INSPIRE GEMET (Thesaurus GEMET at, ISO Topic Categories (more information at and, and the E3 Keywords in a file tree structure.




The results of a search appear as a list of records. Each record displays the following main sections: the resource title, the resource short abstract and the functions for interacting with the resource. Note that the display and behaviour of functions on a record depend on both its resource type and user permission settings.




The Geoportal provides tools for creating metadata, uploading metadata alone and uploading metadata and data into its catalogue. These include:

Metadata Compiler. The metadata complier allows the user to create a metadata file that is compliant with the E3 metadata standards. See corresponding webpage and Metadata compiler help file for more information.

Upload Metadata and/or Data. A registered E3 user can upload metadata, as one file at a time or as a batch. Metadata can also be uploaded together with the associated data (zipped format) but only as a single file at a time.

The system will automatically validate each metadata file upload against E3 standards. Only compliant metadata file will be accepted and uploaded successfully. The E3 service administrator and the project management will control and approve all data/metadata prior to dissemination.


To contact us, please use the form provided on the contact page.

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