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The list of publication of interest is based on weekly queries on various scientific literature databases. It covers in priority Europe and neighbouring areas and focuses on environment and human infectious diseases epidemiology (eco-epidemiology: system vector/reservoir/ pathogen/disease incidence; methods; risk assessment and early warning system).



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Title of the peer-reviewed publicationJournalAuthor(s) References - links
Pathogenic vibrios in environmental, seafood and clinical sources in GermanyInt. J. Med. Microbiol.Huehn S, Eichhorn C, Urmersbach S, Breidenbach J, Bechlars S, Bier N, Alter T, Bartelt E, Frank C, Oberheitmann B, Gunzer F, Brennholt N, Böer S, Appel B, Dieckmann R, Strauch E.

2014 304:7 (843-850) Link​

Climate change adaptation to infectious diseases in Europe (in Climate Change and Global Health) Semenza, J.C

September 26, 2014, Pages 193-205 [book chapter] Link​

Lyme disease and climate change (in Climate Change and Global Health) Ogden, N.H

September 26, 2014, Pages 85-94 [book chapter] Link

Analytical studies assessing the association between extreme precipitation or temperature and drinking water-related waterborne infections: a review. Environ HealthGuzman Herrador BR, de Blasio BF, MacDonald E, Nichols G, Sudre B, Vold L, Semenza JC, Nygård K.

2015 Mar 27;14(1):29 Article​

Factors affecting the ecology of tick-borne encephalitis in SloveniaEpidemiol InfectKnap N, AvŠIČ-ŽUpanc T

2015 Apr 28:1-9. [Epub ahead of print] Article​

Association of climatic factors with infectious diseases in the Arctic and subarctic region-a systematic review.
Glob Health Action
Hedlund C, Blomstedt Y, Schumann B

​2014 Jul 1;7:24161. Article

Real-time GIS data model and sensor web service platform for environmental data management
International Journal of Health Geographics
Gong J, Geng J, Chen Z

​2015, 14 :2 (9 January 2015). Abstract. Provisional PDF

Modeling tools for dengue risk mapping - a systematic reviewInternational Journal of Health GeographicsLouis VR, Phalkey R, Horstick O et al

2014, 13 :50 (9 December 2014) Abstract | Provisional PDF

International Dispersal of Dengue through Air Travel: Importation Risk for Europe
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Semenza JC, Sudre B, Miniota J et al

2014 Dec 4;​8(12): e3278. Article

Recent and projected future climatic suitability of North America for the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus
Parasites Vectors
Ogden NH, Milka R, Caminade C, Gachon P

​2014 Dec 2; 7:532. Abstract. Provisional PDF

Spatiotemporal clustering, climate periodicity, and social-ecological risk factors for dengue during an outbreak in Machala, Ecuador, in 2010
BMC Infectious Diseases
Stewart-Ibarra AM, Muñoz AG, Ryan SJ et al

​2014 Nov 25, 14 :610 Abstract

Dengue outlook for the World Cup in Brazil: An early warning model framework driven by real-time seasonal climate forecasts
Lancet Infect. Dis.
Lowe R, Barcellos C, Coelho CAS et al

​2014 Nov 21; 14:7 (619-626) Abstract

The individualistic fallacy, ecological studies and instrumental variables: a causal interpretation
Emerging Themes in Epidemiology
Loney T, Nagelkerke NJ

​2014 Nov 19; 11 :18 Article

The role of cats in the eco-epidemiology of spotted fever group diseases
Parasites Vectors
Segura F, Pons I, Miret J et al 

​2014 Nov 12; 7:1 Abstract

Geographical scale effects on the analysis of leptospirosis determinants
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health
Gracie R, Barcellos C, Magalhães M et al

​2014 Nov 11, 11:10 (10366-10383) Abstract

Remote-sensing applications for environmental health research
Environ. Health Perspect.
Seltenrich N

​2014 122:10 (A268-A275) Abstract

Prevalence and phylogenetic analysis of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) in field-collected ticks (Ixodes ricinus) in southern Switzerland
Parasites Vectors
Rieille N, Bressanelli S, Freire CCM et al 

​2014 Nov 6, 7:1 Abstract

An open source software for fast grid-based data-mining in spatial epidemiology (FGBASE)
International Journal of Health Geographics
Baker DAM, Valleron A

​2014, 13 :46 (30 October 2014) Article

Risk of using logistic regression to illustrate exposure-response relationship of infectious diseases
BMC Infectious Diseases
Ren J, Ning Z, Kirkness CS et al

​2014 Oct 4, 14 :540 Article

The coefficient of cyclic variation: a novel statistic to measure the magnitude of cyclic variation
Emerging Themes in Epidemiology
Fulford AJ

​2014 Oct 2, 11 :15 Article

Development of integrated Infectious Disease Information System (IDIS): Geospatial-based components for Malaria Information System (GeoMIS)
Proceedings - 2014 5th IEEE Control and System Graduate Research Colloquium, ICSGRC 2014
Bazlan MJ, Ghazali R, Rasam ARA and Aziz NFA

​2014 Sep 23. Article number 6908699, Pages 75-79. Abstract

Shaping zoonosis risk: landscape ecology vs. landscape attractiveness for people, the case of tick-borne encephalitis in Sweden
Parasit Vectors
Zeimes CB, Olsson GE, Hjertqvist M, Vanwambeke SO

​2014, 7 :370. Article

Vector-Borne Pathogen Spread Through Ticks on Migratory Birds: A Probabilistic Spatial Risk Model for South-Western

​Transbound Emerg Dis 

Bosch J, Muñoz MJ, Martínez M et al

​2013 Oct;60(5):403-15.  Article

Precipitation Effects on Microbial Pollution in a River: Lag Structures and Seasonal Effect Modification
PLoS One
Tornevi A, Bergstedt O, Forsberg B

​2014 9(5): e98546 Article

Modeling the distribution of the West Nile and Rift Valley Fever vector Culex pipiens in arid and semi-arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa
​Parasit Vector
Conley AK, Fuller DO, Haddad N et al

2014 7 :289 Article

How entomological studies can help the control of mosquito-borne diseases: a five-years experience in north-eastern Italy
Parasit Vectors
Capelli G, Montarsi F, Ravagnan S et al

​2014 7(Suppl 1):O30  Article

Use of small rodents for the surveillance of agents and vectors of tick-borne zoonoses in the northern Apennines, Italy
Parasit Vectors
Martello E, Mannelli A, Ragagli C et al

​2014 7(Suppl 1):O36  Article

Implementing cargo movement into climate based risk assessment of vector-borne diseases
Int J Environ Res Public Health
Thomas SM, Tjaden NB, van den Bos S, Beierkuhnlein C.
2014 Mar 20;11(3):3360-74  Article
Monitoring population and environmental parameters of invasive mosquito species in Europe
Parasit Vectors
Petri DA, Bellini R, Scholte EJ et al.

2014 Apr 16;7(1):187. Article

Proceedings of the 1st Conference on Neglected Vectors and Vector-Borne Diseases (EurNegVec)
Parasit Vectors
Management Committee and Working Group Meetings of the COST Action TD1303

​2014, Volume 7 Supplement 1  Article

Monitoring population and environmental parameters of invasive mosquito species in Europe
Parasit Vectors
Petrić, D., Bellini, R., Scholte, E.-J. et al

​2014 7:187 Article

Temporal pattern of questing tick Ixodes ricinus density at differing elevations in the coastal region of western Norway
​Parasit Vector
Qviller L, Grøva L, Viljugrein H, Klingen I, Mysterud A.

2014 Apr 11;7:179 Article

Dirofilaria repens and Dirofilaria immitis DNA findings in mosquitoes in Germany: temperature data allow autochthonous extrinsic development: temperature data allow autochthonous extrinsic development
Parasitol Research
Sassnau R, Czajka C, Kronefeld M, et al.

​2014 Jun 7. [Epub ahead of print]

Prediction of high-risk areas for visceral leishmaniasis using socioeconomic indicators and remote sensing data
Int J Health Geogr
Almeida AS, Werneck GL

2014 May 20;13(1):13 Article

Ecology of phlebotomine sand flies and Leishmania infantum infection in a rural area of southern Italy
Acta Tropica
Dantas-Torres F, Tarallo VD, Latrofa MS et al

​2014 137 (67-73) Article

Importance of individual analysis of environmental and climatic factors affecting the density of Leishmania vectors living in the same geographical area: the example of Phlebotomus ariasi and P. perniciosus in northeast Spain
Geospat Health
Ballart C, Guerrero I, Castells X et al

​2014 May 8(2):389-403 Abstract

The impact of temperature on the bionomics of Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti, with special reference to the cool geographic range margins
J Med Entomol
Eisen L, Monaghan AJ, Lozano-Fuentes S et al

2014 May;51(3):496-516. Abstract

Uncertainty in Model Predictions of Vibrio vulnificus Response to Climate Variability and Change: A Chesapeake Bay Case Study
PLoS One
Urquhart EA, Zaitchik BF, Waugh DW, Guikema SD et al

2014 May 29;9(5):e98256 Article

Natural-focal diseases: mapping experience in Russia
Int J Health Geogr
Malkhazova SM, Mironova VA, Kotova TV et al

2014 Jun 14;13(1):21 Article

The ecology of ticks and epidemiology of tick-borne viral diseases
Antiviral Res
Estrada-Peña A, De La Fuente J

2014 108:1 (104-128) Abstract

Towards an early warning system for forecasting human west nile virus incidence
PLoS Curr
Manore CA, Davis J, Christofferson RC et al.

2014 Mar 6;6. Article

Finding the appropriate variables to model the distribution of vector-borne parasites with different environmental preferences: climate is not enough

​Glob Chang Biol

Pérez-Rodríguez A1, Fernández-González S, de la Hera et al

​2013 Nov;19(11):3245-53. Abstract

Altitudinal changes in malaria incidence in highlands of Ethiopia and Colombia


Siraj AS, Santos-Vega M, Bouma MJ, et al

​014 Mar 7;343(6175):1154-8. Article

Early warning of West Nile virus mosquito vector: climate and land use models successfully explain phenology and abundance of Culex pipiens mosquitoes in north-western ItalyParasit Vectors
Rosà R, Marini G, Bolzoni L, Neteler M, Metz M,  et al

​2014 Jun 12;7(1):269 Article

Demographic processes drive increases in wildlife disease following population reduction


Prentice JC, Marion G, White PCL et al

​2014 9:5 Article

The poleward migration of the location of tropical cyclone maximum intensity


Kossin JP, Emanuel KA, Vecchi GA

​2014 May 15;509(7500):349-52.  Article

Estimated effects of projected climate change on the basic reproductive number of the lyme disease vector ixodes scapularisEnviron Health Perspect
Ogden NH, Radojević M, Wu X, Duvvuri VR, Leighton PA, Wu J
2014 June; 122(6): 631–638 Article
European monitoring systems and data for assessing environmental and climate impacts on human infectious diseases
Int J Environ Res Public Health
Nichols GL, Andersson Y, Lindgren E, Devaux I, et al
Surface Temperatures at the Continental Scale: Tracking Changes with Remote Sensing at Unprecedented Detail

​Remote Sens

Metz M, Rocchini D, Neteler M.

​2014 Apr  6(5), 3822-3840. Article


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