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Welcome to the E3 Metadata Compiler!

This tool enables you to enter all the metadata information that describes your spatial data and services or map documents for submission to the E3 Geoportal. When you have completed all the required fields, you can export the metadata to an output XML file that is E3 Network-compliant. This file should then accompany whatever you are submitting to the European Environment and Epidemiology (E3) Network database as E3 Network partner (whether a spatial dataset, map, report tool, etc).

On the left of the page, under Sections, you will find a list of the information groups under which metadata details will be entered. You are allowed to move between sections by using the PREVIOUS/NEXT arrow buttons at the bottom of the page. You can also click on the name of the section to go directly to it.

Each section contains a number of entries to be filled in. A descriptive text is provided for each entry to help you understand what is required. Fields that require specific text formats or character types (e.g. integer, date) are denoted as such.

Once all required information has been filled correctly, you can export the metadata to an E3-compliant XML in the Finish section. The output XML file can then be submitted to the E3 data hub, in the company of the relevant spatial data, service or map document.

It is possible to save the information you have entered at any time, even if every mandatory field has not been filled out yet. You can use File > Save (CTRL+S) to do this. This information can be re-loaded and completed at any time by using File > Open (CTRL+O). This enables you to partly fill in information, save it, and continue when you are ready.

To prevent file loss, when you attempt to close the program in the middle of the process, you will be given an option to autosave the information entered. If you choose to autosave, the compiler will ask you to load the autosaved information the next time you try to open the application.

NOTE: The autosave file is a temporary file, and not a permanent storage. Upon re-opening the complier, the autosaved file will be deleted. For greater file security, please save the information manually before closing the application.

ONLY exported E3-compliant XML files, with all the mandatory fields correctly filled, will be accepted by the E3 Team.

For more information on using the compiler, please refer to the E3 Metadata Complier USER GUIDE.
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