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  • Vibrio Risk Map
  • Vibrio Risk Map
  • Vibrio Risk Map


Welcome to the European Environment and Epidemiology (E3) Network. The E3 Geoportal has been designed by ECDC to collect and make available a wide range of information for anybody interested in infectious disease epidemiology in Europe.

The objective of E3 Geoportal is to promote geospatial infectious disease modelling in Europe and its integration in Public health. There are many different determinants of infectious disease transmission but they are often highly dispersed and/or difficult to obtain. The E3 Geoportal will facilitate the collection and exchange of these datasets in a user-friendly manner. It is an inventory of  information and resources which are collected, maintained, and managed by a collaborative effort under the European Environment and Epidemiology Network.

You will also find other useful resources such as analytical tools, published risk maps and reports, software applications and much more. The geospatial  datasets contained in the E3 Geoportal cover potential determinants of various communicable diseases in Europe in the broadest sense. They include past, current and future climatic parameters such as climate change scenarios; landscape and land-use features; and socio-economic data. If you are a producer of geospatial data relevant to infectious disease epidemiology, we invite you to become a partner of the E3 Network. In this way, you will be able to upload your own geospatial datasets, metadata and maps for sharing with other users. You can also create your metadata using the freely available metadata-compiler and designate the rights and distribution for each product shared.

The E3 Geoportal has been designed to be consistent with the INSPIRE guidelines (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community) so as to ensure reliability and comparability of data.


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