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The purpose of this prototype is to allow visualization and extraction of environmental and earth observation data tailored to risk assessment and environmental epidemiology. The following meteorological and environmental parameters are available:

• Precipitation (mm) at weekly intervals (source: Daily reanalysis from NCEP CPC from CMORPH algorithm)

• Day time land surface temperature (°C) derived from MODIS at weekly intervals (source : NASA USGS – LP DAAC)

• Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NVDI) at biweekly intervals (source: NASA USGS – LP DAAC)

The data can be explored and extracted geographically at the EUROSTAT NUTS level (see link below) for the time periods January 2007 to March 2014. Users are able to select data in the left bottom panel for more than one NUTS (however it does not allow multiple selection of NUTS entities in the map panel). The extraction format for the data is .CSV and can be further analysed with a variety of statistical packages.


The E3 tool made available on the E3 Geoportal is a pilot application to demonstrate end user functionalities as described above. However, ECDC accepts no liability for the content and quality of the data extracted or any consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the data provided. Moreover, ECDC cannot assure proper functioning of the tool under different IT requirements.